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Owning residential rental properties can be very rewarding, but being the “landlord” and having to deal with day-to-day tenant issues shouldn’t be your focus.

It takes an incredible amount of time to list the property, screen applicants, take repair calls, and avoid extended vacancies.

So why not turn the landlord work over to us!

We’re here to deliver peace of mind to you, since our strict adherence to proven processes and procedures enables us to efficiently manage your property.

We handle everything– from screening tenants, verifying their income, rental history and conduct thorough background checks.

Basically we find great tenants, and sign them to a rock solid lease!

We handle all the legal stuff too, like risk management and compliance, and take care of service calls fast so that tenants stay happy, and your expenses stay under control.

We’ll handle the smooth processing of rent payments right into your bank account, and stay on top of market conditions to help maximize your return on investment.

Rest easy knowing that we’re taking care of all those landlord things, so you can enjoy being a property owner.

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Focusing on the principles of free enterprise and providing quality housing for those that choose to rent, the association has through the years held off many legislative issues that would have had negative impacts to our industry. Over the decades the association has continued to develop and enhance the level of professionalism of operating rental housing. Beyond the fundamental role of apartment living advocacy, the association has evolved into a powerful training entity through incredible volunteerism from industry experts. Long time members have continued to brand the organization as AAMD.  

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